Sunday, November 23, 2014

Easiest & FASTEST way to sell online

How quickly would you like to start selling online?

There are no easier... and faster way to sell online, deliver digital products, and recruit affiliates.  

Sure you can use PayPal to take online payments, but how are you going to deliver your product SECURELY to your customers? If you don't deliver securely, people can simply pass around your product download link in the forums.  There goes all your money and hard work.  

How are you going to keep track of your customers and your stats?  You need to know how many people visited your site, what percentage purchased, and what your profits have been for the last 30 days.   

The biggest feature missing from Paypal and other processors is affiliate tracking. 

Tapping into affiliate sales is the FASTEST way to bring in a flood of orders for any product or sevrice.  Instead of having to learn all the hundreds of ways to generate traffic online, you simply step back and let affiliates do the work for you.   

It's totally risk free since you don't spend a penny until they bring you buyers.  

There are a lot of solutions out there competiting for your attention today.

But none of them is as EASY and FAST as Zaxaa.

They back it up with a video where you can watch it set up in just 58 SECONDS!

Yes, that's seconds... not minutes.  

They provide you with all the online selling tools you need, such as:

- Create unlimited sales funnels
- Create unlimited one-time-offers (OTOs) to maximize your profits 
- Recruit as many affiliates as you want to help sell your products
- Deliver your product SECURELY and instantly to your customers
- Pay affiliates INSTANTLY at the point of sale (if you want)
- Very detailed reports (so you'll know how your business is performing)
- and many more features while still making the interface very user-friendly and easy to use

Signing up for a Zaxaa account is FREE. You only pay a low 2.5% transaction fee AFTER you've made a sale. So that's zero upfront costs and zero-risk for you.  You can't lose.  

Click below to sign up for your FREE Zaxaa account: